About Militem

MILITEM is a new vision and a new expression of "American Tailor Made" in the luxury automotive sector.

Our passion for excellence and attention to detail has afforded the Cavauto Group, after 4 decades of reliability, quality and construction of values, the possibility to create a service in various degrees of experience in exclusive automotive "tailoring".

The "American Tailor Made" service custom-built by MILITEM represents the best interpretation of the philosophy of personalization and attention to detail in the utmost respect of the customer’s desire.

Ours is a creative laboratory devoted to the preparation and processing of a selection of American cars, with only completely original American components but with the vision and obsessive dedication to detail inherent in the Italian automotive spirit.

MILITEM is now all of this and more.
It’s more than a car. And more than pure passion. MILITEM is an expression of uniqueness, performance, freedom, functionality and desire, through a new driving experience.

Whatever Your personal preference is on four - wheels - muscle cars, supercars, performance pickups, SUVs and luxury American SUV’s or classic car restoration and modification - our task is always the same: to create and provide value to Your wishes.

Engineers, electronic technicians and craftsmen are the heart of our new creative hub. MILITEM provides changes in aerodynamics and engine interventions even at motorsport level. From tailormade interiors, through a wide selection of materials, leather, fabrics and colors, to special paints and the latest wrapping techniques to fully enhance all original components.
This is the expression of our creative art.


MILITEM wants to be “The Italian Craftmanship Factory” with an US style.

More and more people want to live and see their cars in an unconventional way.
Our task is to create and ensure uniqueness, through our quality and creative design. To provide the service for this need in the automotive market. The energy of movement awakens; the distinction that eclipses the norm.

The experience is our passion, the emotion will be your MILITEM.

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