Thursday, 25 May 2017

A new Militem is coming

Militem has choosen for its second interpretation the ultimate protagonist of the American "Light Truck" market

A new Militem is coming
If MILITEM is the American style Italian Craftsmanship Factory, the famous pick-up chosen for the new customization is the perfect interpretation of four-wheel American off-road sport vehicle.

A perfect union between the targeted placement of the new US-style studio of CAVAUTO Group and the distinguishing features of the heavy duty “stars and stripes”.
But what is the name of this new compilation? Which model is the foundation of this partnership?
This secret cannot be revealed yet. The new creative team of Erba's R & D team are adding the final touches..

But we can give you some clues.
A 5.7 V8 "Hemi" engine and a 4x4 full-time or full-time drive, a 4 "raised trim engineered to work mechanically as the original, and rampant 35” off-road tires mounted on 20" rims.
Carbon-coated interior finishes and front optics replaced with new Bi-Xenon devices with DRL's latest generation LED.
And so…
Militem Logo

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