Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Militem is bon

The new Italian design hub, US style, wraps Jeep Wrangler

Militem is bon

The first presentation of the new vision of the American Tailor Made Jeep Wrangler by MILITEM debuts two models equipped with the exciting 3.6-liter V6 petrol engine and a 2.8 CRD 16V engine.

The world's four by four icon exclusively features three different and unique outfits that are both aesthetically and technically advanced.

The most advanced, the JIII MILITEM, features new heavy-duty bumpers that in addition to giving a more eye-catching look, allow significant increase in the angles of attack and exit. The two front fog lights complete the front bumper as well as the addition of two side hooks and an imposing bull bar. The standard optical units have been replaced with new, latest generation LEDs to ensure greater visibility. In addition, another 4 extra LED headlamps have been integrated into the front bumper and on the base of the windscreen uprights.

The oversized mudguards accommodate the ample BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain 35 "x 12,5" tyres mounted on 17 "alloy wheels. The aesthetics of this unique JIII MILITEM hood is complemented with specially-designed ventilation grilles, a double-ended Inox discharge drain and a mask that is in itself representative of the character of this dedicated customization.

The chassis, as well as the entire suspension system, has been cared for in every detail. The true strengths of this JIII MILITEM are evident in the new shock absorbers, the new reinforced springs, a 2.5 "TeraFlex trim, adjustable struts and reinforced coupling bars.

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