Thursday, 19 April 2018


MILITEM WRANGLER JII MTV UP! is the main actor of the next events signed MTV UP! ON TOUR


An unprecedented collaboration between MILITEM and MTV UP has given life to a special vehicle that will be the main actor of the upcoming events of MTV UP! ON TOUR. The promotional tour of the new non-alcoholic MTV UP energy drink will take place on board a one-off version of MILITEM’s Brand, The MTV UP! ON TOUR format combines a live music session taking place in the most representative squares of Italy, to a second part consisting in a traveling studio. The unique MILITEM Wrangler JIII MTV UP! will be attending all these events! In addition to music, pop culture and fashion, MTV is now launching a new and ENERGETIC product. What better way to convey the energy, the grit and the mood of the brand if not while on board a special version of Wrangler MILITEM JIII? This MILITEM Wrangler JIII MTV UP! is built on a Wrangler Unlimited mechanical base and it has a 2.8 HP 2.8 CRD 16V diesel engine with automatic transmission. The MILITEM JIII vehicle (TOP of its range) is characterized by a completely revised in the set-up and part of the components, always strictly American, while the interiors are transformed and enriched according to the typical "made in Italy" taste, elegance, and craftsmanship.The interiors are made of quilted camel-colored leather, the central insert of the front and back seats is enriched with lozenges, as well as the central armrest. A symbol representing the collaboration between the 2 brands is the MTV UP! logo on the side of the white vehicle with a black hard top. The MILITEM logo is embroidered on the front seats and on the leather insert on the front handle, further embellishing the interiors. On the glove compartment in front of the passenger seat there is a plate that identifies this model as a unique one. Changes compared to the original model also involve outer part of the vehicle. The car is equipped with retractable electric footrests, which are usually an optional component. The MILITEM logo is embodied above the rear fenders on both sides.
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