Friday, 10 November 2017

RAM 1500 RX is born

At nHow Hotel of Milan the presentation of the brand, the product range and the institutional corner.

RAM 1500 RX is born
MILITEM has organised a press conference at nhow Hotel of Milan,  that is a presentation of our brand, product range and the institutional corner. The occasion was used to emphasise the originality and uniqueness of MILITEM, an Italian registered trademark that works only on American vehicles, dedicated to the design of unique cars. Created exclusively with strictly Made in USA components, according to the vision and maniacal dedication to Italian automotive specialty. With that care, craftsmanship and taste that have dictated the success of our country in fashion, design, art and many other areas, where Italian culture, genius and hard work are concerned. The result is exclusive, character-oriented, premium vehicles that appeal to the most passionate and demanding customers. The first market data shows a trend of deliveries and orders in steady growth. 2018 will see the introduction of a range of novelties. In addition, the development of a specialised dealer network is under development, first in Italy and later throughout Europe. The introduction of the new institutional corner will serve to connote the MILITEM network; MILITEM customers will perceive the whole essence and values of MILITEM in this place. Refined materials, woods and leather that create a cozy atmosphere and lifestyle.
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