MILITEM is an automotive brand that develops its design on the Jeep and RAM American brand products, also carrying out interventions of engineering of the mechanical parts designed to enhance performance and maximum safety in driving; MILITEM interventions may also include high performance engine processing.

MILITEM puts the customer at the center in the choice of model, offering a complete range with different settings, with many possibilities of colors and finishes of the car using precious materials, with the correct and typical craftsmanship of Italian manufacturing excellence.


The famous Italian Coachbuilders, since the 1950s have been "the masters of style", because they have been able to impose themselves by their creativity, attention to the new with cutting-edge choices and so much mastery in rapid translation of their ideas into metal, inventing the most appropriate technologies and choosing innovative materials.

MILITEM wants to be a dutiful tribute to entrepreneurial courage, to the imagination of our design and to the ability of each of our craftsmen "of bodywork and upholstery". They have been able to express human, aesthetic and technological values, capable of making Italian culture, genius and industriousness understood in Italy and the world.

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